Important InformationEdit

Book: Mystic and the Midnight Ride

Author: Stacy Gregg

Published: 2007 by Harper Collins

Edition: First edition

Pages: 206

Age group: Middle Grade

Source: Waterstones

Series: Pony Club Secrets #1


Isadora 'Issie' Brown loves horses and enjoys hanging out and riding horses with her friends at the Chevalier Point Pony Club. But things feel like they won't be the same again after her beloved pony, Mystic, is killed in an accident. Issie refuses to ride ever again, but when asked to train Blaze, an abandoned pony, her horse skills are put to the test.

My OpinionEdit

Being a horse lover, yet never experienced riding one, I really enjoyed the story. I thought that it was pieced together well and the plot flowed through nicely. However, there was a side character called Stella which I wasn't too keen on. I found her a bit too pushy on Issie despite being her friend and leaving their other friend, Kate on the sidelines. Aside from that, I liked it.

Rating and SuchEdit

First sentence: Please,please let it be sunny tomorrow, Issie had prayed as she went to bed the night before the gymkhana.

Plot: 5

Characters: 4

Writing: 5

Ending: 5

Cover: 3

Overall: 22/25

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